Folded Wedding Invitations

Fabulous Folded Wedding Invitations

For a stylish way to request the presence of your guests at your wedding, send them folding wedding invitations from Wedding Invitations Box to dazzle them. Conventional wedding invitations can be impersonal, drab and boring. Why settle for such measly wedding invitations when you can send your guests lovely folding wedding invitations made from such elegant materials like Thai Silk.

Silk Folded Wedding Invitations   
To make these folded wedding invitations even more sophisticated and beautiful, buckle embellishments are added to them. Our folding wedding invitations also have beautiful ribbons and sashes attached to them giving them a polished look. They are available in warm and rich colors making them look luxurious and inviting. The embellishments can be in contrasting or matching colors depending on personal taste and style and the color scheme of the wedding celebrations.

Our folding wedding invitations are 100% handmade and come in standard sizes. However, if you have a specific color and design in mind and want unique folding wedding invitations, we offer the option of customization to our customers. You tell us what color and design you want and we will custom design your wedding invitations for you to perfectly match your wedding. Visit our custom color page to find the right shade for your order.

  Gatefold Folded Wedding Invitations