Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes


Stunning  Silk Wedding Invitation Boxes When other couples are relying on paper cards to announce their nuptials, you can stand out from the rest by announcing your special day with the help of Invite box from us.

There are a myriad of attractive options that work very well as invitations, but nothing has the wow factor that the invite box from does.

Our invitation box and completely handmade and are made out of stunning and high quality Thai silk. This makes our invite boxes utterly unique and something that you and your guests can treasure long after the special day has passed by. You can rest assured that you will be able to make an impression on your guests and leave them in awe when they receive their handcrafted silk invite boxes.

You can expect the highest quality and elegant designs from our gifted craftsmen. Our finished products exude class and luxury and look absolutely gorgeous. Best of all, you can customize the invite box to match the theme and color scheme of your events. If you are not satisfied with the color palette, you can use our custom color option and fill in the color code when placing your order under the color option. We will make sure your order is exactly to your liking.

Make your wedding a memorable event for your guests with our Invitation Box!