Dupioni Silk Invitation Box

Exquisite Thai Silk Dupioni

Dupioni Silk is rare and highly sought after. The material is hand woven by rural women in Thailand and everything made with Dupioni silk is timeless and elegant. The fabric reflects generations of craftsmanship and the rural Thai art. Dupioni silk is not perfect, but it is the flaws, the imperfections and the uneven texture that make it more desirable, beautiful and comfortable.

Dupioni silk is unique in the sense that it uses two differently colored silk strands for the warp and weft while being weaved. This blend of colors makes it gorgeous and ever so elegant. Why wouldn’t you want such an exquisite fabric for your wedding invitations? Wedding Invitations Box uses Dupioni silk to create silk invitation boxes, silk pocket folios and silk book folios for wedding and other elegant events like bridal showers.

To add more sophistication and charm to our wedding invitations, we use buckle adornments and contrasting accessories like ribbons and sashes. You can even get wedding invitations that are richly embroidered. Our wedding invites are made of 100% Dupioni silk and are completely hand crafted.

We also offer customers the chance to customize their wedding invites. You can customize the color, design and style of your wedding invites. You can even get your wedding invites monogrammed as a symbol of your undying love and devotion to each other.

Discover Exquisite Thai Silk Dupioni